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 Read through our policies below to find general details related to all of our 种族s. For event-specific questions, visit the 种族’s webpage.





成功的在线注册: Successful registrations will receive a confirmation email to the provided email address and rosters of “Confirmed” registrants can be found by following the Find A Participant tab/link provided in the menu bar of each 种族’的注册表。除此之外 RunSignUp配置文件 system will display all upcoming 种族s //runsignup.com/Profile 。确保您允许来自Pacers和RunSignUp的传入消息。

在现场比赛日注册: Is specific to the 种族. Please be sure to confirm on the 种族 main web pages for the 种族 in which you are planning to participate.

慈善/捐赠: Pacers Events supports a variety of local charities and community programs through direct donation opportunities to the designated charity or non-profit. Also, in lieu of a Tee or Retail Bucks, registrants can opt to apply $5 of their entry cost to the designated charity as their event Premium selection. Details by 种族 can be found on the 种族 main web page and in the online registration form.

军事人员注意事项: 步行者跑步 is pleased to offer direct Military and First Responder entry cost discounts to all 种族s. Family or extended family is not included in these discounts. For all DC/VA 种族s please use the code 服务谢谢 at checkout to receive $5 off your entry fee into any Pacers event. Please bring your military ID to packet pickup for confirmation.  For the New Jersey Marathon 种族s please email [电子邮件 protected] 可获得10%的入场折扣(针对您的活动选择)。感谢您的服务。

推迟入境: 步行者跑步 events will offer the opportunity to Defer a 种族 entry to the same event, one-next-following year for all events. The Defer opportunity incurs a fee payable in the current year and 关 s when the advance packet pick-up process begins. This process is managed directly by the deferring runner through each registrant’s RunSignUp配置文件. //runsignup.com/Profile
可以通过登录RunSignup并导航到您的Profile来找到Defer Registration选项。> Upcoming Events >管理注册>延期注册在“延期注册”页面上,您将看到您的延期信息和总付款。请确认信息正确无误:注册号,名称和事件。进行所需的在线信用付款,然后点击“Confirm Deferral”按钮。已发送一封电子邮件通知,其中显示了延期的详细信息,该通知可用于声明下一年的条目。延迟凭据也保留在RSU配置文件中,以备将来参考。

比赛中的活动距离切换: Each Pacers 种族 has enabled online Event Distance Transfers (Switches) up through the date the advance packet pick-up process begins or 4 weeks in advance for the NJM 种族s. There are no refunds if switching from a more expensive to a less expensive event within the 种族. The Transfer Event option can be found by logging on to RunSignup, //runsignup.com/Profile navigating to Profile > Upcoming Events >管理注册> Transfer Event. On the Transfer Event page, you will see your Event Transfer Information. Please confirm that the information is correct: Registration number, name, and current event.
单击开始传输按钮。您将看到标准注册过程,可以在其中为转移选择新的事件距离。单击“继续”,如果需要任何付款以进行升频,请使用在线信用卡付款以支付报名费和手续费。 *没有事件转移交换费,只有报名费差额和任何适用的处理费。确认付款(如果需要)后,您将收到有关新活动的确认电子邮件。提前流程到位后,请发送电子邮件 [电子邮件 protected] 有关事件转移的说明。

退款: 为了将费用降到最低,目前不提供退款。转移或已部署的现役军人有例外。

事件到事件转移: 为了使报名成本尽可能低,“步行者跑步”活动不提供在我们系列中其他活动之间转移参赛作品的功能。

跑步者到跑步者的转移: Runner to Runner transfers are only offered for the Parkway Classic and New Jersey Marathon 种族s up through 4 weeks in advance of 种族 date of the current year.

团队比赛: Each 种族 main web page will describe if any team competitions are offered.

年龄限制: 步行者应根据父母/监护人的最佳判断,对健康程度和年轻跑步者适当参与的经验进行判断。 *新泽西马拉松全程26.2英里距离比赛的最低年龄要求为18岁。

AWD运动员使用指南:Pacer Running能够容纳需要成功指南的AWD运动员,并为每位AWD运动员提供一对一的免费指南。请联系 [电子邮件 protected] 提供活动名称,运动员名称和指南,以接收注册说明。

税收减免: Pacers Events LLC是一家营利性公司,通过收取有形/非有形商品来收取注册费(例如,保费,安全封闭和认证课程,计时标签和计分,赛后食品,娱乐)。通常,只有直接超过慈善机构注册费用的捐赠才有资格获得税收减免。请咨询税务专业人士以进行具体说明。


进阶围兜和赛车早教包: Availability of Advance Bib Pickup and Race Morning Packet Pickup varies according to the 种族. Please refer to the 种族-specific web page for details.

接待家庭,朋友,团体: 跑步者可能会为其他人捡起一个小包。请确保所有参赛者都知道他们的包裹正在​​被收集,因为不能发出重复的包裹。出于礼节,我们限制最多只能挑一加五–您自己的小包加五分给家人和朋友。对于GROUPS,适用相同的限制,您自己加5。对于其他要求/计划,请联系我们的客户服务团队 [电子邮件 protected] 提前住宿。

比赛无法使用的套件: For storage considerations, complete packets are not kept post-race. After the event, all remaining 种族 premiums (t-shirts, etc.) will be taken to the 步行者跑步 store location serving as host for the 种族. These items are held for collection but we cannot guarantee sizes as noted below.

溢价(零售价/衬衫等)-可用性和分配: 预注册者被认为是在高级订购截止日期,在线注册截止或包裹领取之前注册的个人。–以先到者为准。
** Pre-Registered Participants — are offered the opportunity to select the event-specific premium item, a $10 Pacers Retail Bucks retail store certificate, or a $5 donation to the designated 种族 charity and must select one when registering. If the premium is selected and it is a sized item, the registrant is held to collect the selected size offered and chosen in the registration process at packet pick-up or 种族 morning. If Pacers is unable to provide the selected size, the $10 Pacers retail store certificate –Retail Bucks – will be offered. Pre-registrants who do not pick up their packets and premiums at packet pick-up or 种族 morning are not offered the $10 retail certificate nor are guaranteed their premium size selection.
** 运动员在小包提货时注册-可以从当时的可用存货中选择10美元的零售雄鹿证书,5美元的慈善捐赠或溢价。
** Runners registering on 种族 morning (if available) — will pay full price for an entry and can select a $10 Retail Bucks certificate, a $5 charity donation, or wait until after the 种族 to claim a premium from whatever inventory remains.
** After 种族 start — there will be no longer be $10 Retail Bucks certificates distributed. All remaining premiums will be available for size exchange or distributed to 种族 morning registrants who did not receive a retail certificate or premium prior to the 种族. Any remaining premiums post-race will be relocated for a limited time to the event host Pacers store and will be available for size exchange or pickup as available.

** 零售钱 因为可以在任何Pacers零售商店中组合使用溢价进行兑换,每次交易的总价值最高为30美元。雄鹿有各个季节的到期时间-请检查证书背面,以确保在到期前应用它们。


进站: Please refer to the 种族-specific web page for the course map and pit stop plan.

行李检查: 物品风险自负;在指定时间未检索到的项目将被带到Pacers Running商店位置作为事件主机进行收集; 7天后剩下的物品将捐赠给慈善机构。参与者需要使用小包提货时提供的透明袋检查物品。
PACING: Please be safe and aware of running abreast in any congested areas of the course. Unregistered runners and wheeled vehicles are not welcome on the course during the 种族s. Visually impaired or other ASD special needs participants are encouraged to contact [电子邮件 protected] 在活动开始之前获得他们的跑步指南的免费入场券。

强盗 :禁止所有类型的未经注册的参加者,他们将被逐出课程和/或取消比赛资格。可以通过联系获得教练或其他人的特殊住宿的考虑 [电子邮件 protected] 活动前至少四个星期。

课程变更: 步行者跑步可以随时出于任何原因更改发布的课程,包括但不限于道路或步道建设,跑步者安全,市政要求或其他情况。
步行者跑步, as advised by the Police and Fire/EMS Departments, may cancel, shorten, or alter any event or course due to weather, other acts of God, terrorism, or for any other reasons within or not within the control of 步行者跑步. In the case of event change, all entry fees are non-refundable and may not be deferred toward a future event. 步行者跑步 also reserves the right to change a 种族 to an untimed “fun run” without advance notice.

Final decisions regarding conduct of 种族s will be made within an hour to a half hour prior to the start of the 种族 and will be announced over the 种族 public address system and social media.

运行截止时间: 步行者跑步 is committed to providing opportunities for all people to participate in our events regardless of speed and do our best to obtain finish times for all timed participants. Course time limits are in place and enforced in order to adhere to municipality and permit requirements per the following guidelines based on gross 种族 start gun time. Guidelines may change as required by weather, police availability, and other safety concerns and, while rare, can happen as late as prior to/during the event.
请发邮件 [电子邮件 protected] prior to registration to inquire about consideration of any needed special circumstances. Please refer to the 种族-specific web page for any potential special circumstances regarding cut-off times.

5K – 3.1英里00:46:30
10K – 6.2英里01:33:00
15K – 02:19:30

IPODS /耳机/耳机: A participant who chooses to wear headphones while running assumes full responsibility for their use. Runners must be able to hear all instructions and directions given by 种族 course personnel and be aware of their surroundings at all times.

漫步者: 步行者跑步协会认为,一个健康的家庭是一个幸福的家庭,如果赛道和/或市政府允许,那么允许婴儿推车上赛道。安全要求包括婴儿车必须从后面开始,不得穿过一堆跑步者,并且必须始终向其他跑步者提供通行权。对于童车青少年的注册指南是,如果他们将在婴儿期100%的时间内留在童车中,‘race’那么就不需要他们的注册号或围嘴号了。如果您预计他们可能会随时依靠自己的力量离开婴儿车,则他们确实需要注册(豁免等)。…)如果您还需要注册,’d want them to be eligible for any 种族 gift/finisher items (depending on the 种族).

PETS: Dogs on 5 foot, non-retractable leashes are permitted at the Pacers 种族s (except the NJ Marathon 太阳 day events). Dogs must be friendly, be up to date with shots, and have no history of fighting or biting. Pet owners take full responsibility for the behavior of their pet, must start towards the back, may not weave through packs of runners, must yield the right of way to other runners and must clean up after their pet.

照片政策: 通过注册“步行者跑步”活动,参与者同意在广播,报纸,小册子和其他媒体中使用其姓名和照片,恕不赔偿。步行者可下载的任何照片均为步行者通过许可协议的财产,未经步行者和我们的摄影师的明确书面同意,不得将其用于非个人用途。


类别奖和奖品: 特定种族的网页将提供有关某些赛事可能提供的奖金的详细信息。

颁奖典礼: Official award ceremony times will vary based on the depth and speed of the field and the number of awards. Most award ceremonies will occur within one hour fifteen minutes of the first finisher of the 种族. Please listen for on-site announcements for ceremony times.





枪VS。净时间: Overall 种族 winners will be awarded by gun time; all other divisions, including challenge awards and age group awards, are awarded by net time.

RUNWASHINGTON RUNNER RANKINGS: 步行者跑步 is proud to have all of our 种族s included in the prestigious RunWashington Runner Rankings. Final results information will be automatically transferred to RunWashington when officially final.


精英跑步者计划参数: 步行者自豪地通过免费的比赛项目来支持本地,区域和国家级的精英跑步者。要获得免费进入的资格,您必须了解并遵守以下规定:
** 提供过去十二(12)个月的合格时间(以下时间标准);
** 根据要求提供任何必需的信息,例如W-9和/或公民身份信息;
** 请遵循以下概述的协议。
You must register online and provide all required information, including complimentary code(s). If you register without a complimentary code we will not refund your paid registration. You must request registration prior to the online registration closure of an event. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE will a complimentary entry be provided to an athlete during a packet pick up or on 种族 day. Please note that if an event is sold out we will not be able to offer a complimentary entry nor add you to the roster after online pre-registration 关 s. Receiving a complimentary entry code is not a guarantee of a spot in a 步行者跑步 event once pre-registration has 关 d.

1.提交电子邮件至 [电子邮件 protected] 在关闭在线注册之前,请提供以下信息:
b. The 种族 for which you wish to register
3. If prior to 种族 day you become injured or cannot run for any reason, please email Tara to advise 步行者跑步 that you are withdrawing from the event so that the spot can be opened up for another elite runner.

ELITE COMP RUNNER时间标准:步行者保留随时更改这些时间标准的权利。
女— 5K:18:30,4英里:24:00,8K:28:30,10K:37:30,10英里:62:30



步行者跑步 events are held rain, snow, sleet, heat, or shine– there are not “rain” dates for 种族s. In conjunction with the municipalities, 步行者跑步 reserves the right to delay an event start for any reason, including weather.


The EAS is a color-coded classification that broadcasts the risk level of course conditions leading up to and on 种族 day.

根据各种因素,级别范围从低(绿色)到中(黄色)到高(红色)到极端(黑色)。 (请参阅下面的图表以获取更多说明。)
This system is mainly used to reflect weather conditions but can also be used to alert runners and volunteers of any possible 种族 concern that may occur.